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We are currently looking for influencers to join us. (YouTuber, Instagram, Facebook Page, or other social media channels)

To be considered a good influencer candidate, you should satisfy all of our prerequisites below:

  1. Your channel must have subscribers or followers >= 100k.
  2. Your channel must car related such as but not limited to van builders, outdoor sports, etc.
  3. You must verify you are the true owner of the channel you are claiming.
  4. You must be located inside the U.S. (due to the shipping cost being too high, we are limited to shipping inside the U.S. for now).

We will give our products away for a total value of

If you are interested in being the influencer on one of our products, please create a user account first, then create a support ticket (make sure you choose "Influencer/Youtuber" from the "Help Topic" dropdown list).

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