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Wholesaler/Dealer/Builder Program (WDB)
Last Updated 5 months ago

Welcome to our WDB program. This program is designed for all business entities in the RV industry or van industry that sell/use our products as part of their RV solutions. 
With our generous discounts and the quality of our products, you and your customers will both enjoy the benefits!

Limits & Requirements

  1. WDB program accounts must be owned by a legally registered business entity, such as LLC, INC, CO, LTD, etc.
  2. WDB program accounts cannot be transferred by a different entity unless both entities are under the same parent company.
  3. WDB program accounts are required to have a high order volume, purchasing approximately 4 swivel brackets or equivalent value in products each month to maintain the discount status.
    (e.g. current month purchases - current month returns = 4 swivel brackets)

WDB Program Benefits

  1. Shipping 
    1. U.S. Domestic States: free shipping on most of our products, low shipping costs for large/heavy items.
    2. AK, HI, Canada, and Mexico: discounted low shipping costs
    3. International: discounted shipping costs specific to country based on distance.
      Notice: different duty fees may apply at customs for each country.
  2. Pricing
    1. 20% OR MORE OFF on all products site wide.
  3. Returns & Refunds
    1. U.S. Domestic StatesFree 30 day return term for our products, low return shipping cost except for large/heavy items.
    2. AK, HI, Canada, and Mexico: low shipping cost
    3. International: discount shipping cost
  4. Multiple Staff Accounts
    1. We can apply discount pricing to all your staff accounts that will be ordering if they have the same email address ending. (e.g.;, etc.)
  5. Dropship Style
    1. We can ship our products to your customers directly on behalf of you!

How To Apply

  1. SIGN-UP and create an account with your business email address.
  2. Update your account information with your BUSINESS NAME, EIN/LIC#, and BUSINESS ADDRESS.
  3. Contact us via live chat or email with your name and account email address (leave us a message if there is no staff available).
  4. We will verify your business status and then grant you a WDB program account instantly.
  5. Once you are approved for the WDB program, then you can log back into our website with your account and you will see the new pricing.

Not satisfied with the prices you see?

No problem, we understand some business entities order products in bulk. If you believe you are one of these high order businesses and deserve a better price, please create a "Business Opportunity" ticket here. Our manager will follow up to discuss the options that may be available to you.

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