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Shipping & Tracking
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  • If you put a PO BOX as the shipping address, CONTACT US NOW to stop the order. Your package may be lost in the FedEx system since this is against their policies (we warn all customers many times from the checkout page before they place the order).
  • Although we put a warning all over the checkout page, some of the customers still choose to ignore it, We can't help any customers if they are not following the instructions. It is out of our hands to track down the package for you. You have to work with FedEx. Also, we cannot process any refund caused by customers who choose to ignore our shipping warning.
  • !!! NO !!!, DO NOT PUT ANY EXTRA STUFF IN ADDRESS 2 that does not match USPS records. All carrier has the right to refuse delivery to the wrong/non-existent address.

Check out your eBay orders:

  • We cannot provide customer support here, please reach out to your eBay store owner for help.

Check out your orders:

Option 1 (if you do not know the ORDER ID)

  1. Please sign in with the same user account that you used for ordering products.
  2. Click on the "Order History" link located at the bottom right of our website.
  3. All your current and previous orders will list on this page, then choose the order you are interested in.
  4. The order shipping and tracking information should be displayed under the comments column.

Option 2 (if you already know the ORDER ID)

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your ORDER ID and SHIPPING ADDRESS ZIPCODE (no space, e.g. D3H 58A -> D3H58A).
  3. Click the "FIND" button.

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